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NASPI V2.0 fan script installation

  • Hello, I'm new to Raspberry and I have a question:

    With this box geeksworm v2.0

    To correctly use the fan as well as functions related to the power supply, there is a script to install.

    I'm planning to get this Raspberry kit:

    I want to use it for a home automation box with home assistant OS

    To install the script, can I install Raspbian first, then install the script and then install home assistant OS?

    Or I can directly install Home Assistant OS on the SSD connected to the PI and set up the script using a docker container?

    Thanks for your help.

  • @Sébastien Lemarie Hi, really sorry, we do not test it, so can't help about your questions. We have tried to test the home assistant OS, but stucked in the process, thanks for your understanding!

  •  We've been trying to test the Home Assistant operating system, but we've hit a snag. baseball 9

  • Can I run the script on Raspbian, then install home assistant OS, and finally run the script?


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