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Doubt about my S.LH1080P.PRO.V1.5 HDMI IN LVDS OUT

  • Hello, i bought this card with the objetive of conecting a lvds screen to a pc motherboard, i noticed that the board saids, in the hdmi (out), that means that the hdmi is for the screen instead of the pc or computer, is there anyway to make it work using the HDMI for input and lvds for output?

  • Hello,

    It does not support HDMI IN to LVDS OUT.

    The v2.0 version can connect two screens, you can refer to the picture for the connection method:

  • Thanks, well i'll buy the other :(

  • To connect an LVDS screen to a PC motherboard, you will typically need a specific LVDS-to-HDMI converter or adapter. These converters are designed to convert the LVDS signal sonic exe from the screen to HDMI, allowing you to connect it to the HDMI port on the PC motherboard.

  • The S.LH1080P.PRO.V1.5 HDMI geometry dash to LVDS converter board you mentioned is typically designed to convert HDMI input into LVDS output, which is commonly used to connect an HDMI source, like a computer or media player, to an LVDS display, such as an LCD screen used in laptops or other devices.

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