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USB port on x728 UPS Hat?

  • Hi,

    I have been very happy with X728! I am using it with a USB security module which requires PIN at boot time.

    I have one problem: when I software reboot the Raspberry Pi, the USB port briefly loses power and I have to unlock my USB security module again.

    This way I can do software reboots without going back to the datacenter and typing the PIN.

    I wish the x728 had a USB port that sustains power between reboots, like an externally powered USB hub. Is it possible?


  • @Nicolas Ochem 


    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.

    It needs to add a usb hub chip, but there is no room for another USB accessory on the X728 board.

    You can use the 5V Out XH2.54 port to connect a USB to achieve continuous power supply.  Hope it helps you.


    Best regards


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