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Third Generation HDMI to LVDS board. What has changed?

  • Hello...I saw that on May 10th, 2021 you released the third generation of your LVDS to HDMI board. I have been using with Arcade1Up and just had a few questions.

    1) Is there a list of changes or fixes that this newer card addresses? Does not have to be Arcade1up related, but just in general.

    2) For those of us that have Generation 2 cards, can a firmware update be applied to get the same benefits as the third generation card? If so, when would you make available for download?

    3) Noticed on one of the games for Arcade1UP, Marvel vs Capcom, that the output has a refresh rate of 65 and not 60...therefore does not work unless you have a monitor that has refresh rate of 65 or above. Do you think that the new third generation card will correct that?

    Thank you for your time and replies.


  • Hi friend,

    The new version of LVDS V1.5 has replaced the main chip, and the functions and interface definitions have not changed, but according to the manufacturer's test, the compatibility will be better. Mainly to solve some compatibility problems.

    About the board design change, you can refer to wiki:

  • @Cindy Ding Is there an updated data sheet for the Generation 3 LVDS to HDMI card? There is one on the wiki page, but that is for the Generation 1 card. Was looking for the datasheet for the Gen 3 card, if available.

    Also, is there any way to update the firmware on the Generation 3 cards?


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