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X829 doesnt work | Geekworm

X829 doesnt work

  • Hello
    I bought an X829 card for the purpose of making a NAS. I have connected two 2TB hard drives but they are never
    recognized by the OS.
    I tried with Raspberry Pi OS 32 bit and 64 bit, with one hard drive, two hard drives, it doesn't change
    anything. The LEDs of the X829 card are well lit but the disks are not recognized (sudo blkid)
    Is there a driver to install so that the X829 card is recognized ?

  • Hi,

    Severy key points:

    1. Format your new SSD/HDD; 

    2. Replace the USB connector / JUMPER with USB 3 cable;

    3. Use 5G wifi not 2.4G wifi

    4. DON'T use metal case if you want to use 2.4G wifi; 


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