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X825 HAT with other single board computers | Geekworm

X825 HAT with other single board computers

  • As I can see, the only difference between Jetson Nano and RPi NAS HATs is the shape, sharing same electronics. And hardware need is only a functional USB3.x Port.

    Can I so suppose that appart of the fact that direct easy board positioning over the HAT would not be possible, the board could be used to seemlessly connect a SATA 2.5" drive to others USB3 capable boards like Rock Pi 4B, Odroid N2, etc? 

  • @jesus javier robles Hi dear ,The X825 is designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, for other boards you said above we haven't test yet.

  • @li xia but is it using some feature or concept unique to Raspberry Pi?

    According to description it is only setting up a link through USB 3.0, emulating standard USB drive, and the relationship with RPi is only shape and screws positing, not even needing any kind of aditional software driver.

    ¿Or there is anything else?

  • @jesus javier robles Hi dear ,as different boards' interface is different ,and different script is needed ,so it is not recommoded to use the X825 to other motherboards

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