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T208: will I be able to power the Jetson Nano using a 3-pin cable? | Geekworm

T208: will I be able to power the Jetson Nano using a 3-pin cable?

  • Hi,

    The T208  UPS ( looks awesome and I'm very much interested in buying one.

    However, I wanted to make sure: the default setup is that the power is supplied via a GPIO connector that requires for the T208 to work like a shield. In my robot, I don't have enough space to stack them, so the only option is to provide power to the Jeton Nano via a 3-pin cable.

    Is this supported / possible?

    Well, I guess it has to be possible, so the question is more: are there any reasons why I shouldn't use the T208 in that way?


    Thanks for your time!


  • Hi  dear,Glad to receive your message,but sorry to tell it is not available to power via a 3-pin cable.

    As the there are ten PINs in T208. Except NC pin is not required, all others must be used. Please refer to the PIN schematic picture below.

    T208-PIN schematic picture

  • @li xia Huh, OK, thanks for the reply.

    So a followup question would be: is there a dedicated case that might fit both the Jetson Nano and the T208?

  • Also, and sorry for being so chaotic: what if I use a 10-pin cable to connect them?

  • @Maciej Dziubinski Hi  dear ,There is no matching shell at present, we will feedback your valuable suggestions to the engineer,And if use a 10-pin cable ,May cause insufficient power supply.



  • Thanks for your time!

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