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x1004 PCIE GEN 3 speeds | Geekworm

x1004 PCIE GEN 3 speeds

  • On the wiki of the X1004, there's a mention that it supports PCIE GEN3. But when trying to enable it, it sometimes just disconnecting it and sometimes not forcing gen3.


    The chip on it is ASMedia ASM1182e which not seems to support gen3. 


    What is right? did you made a mistake on the wiki? can I force gen3 speeds?

  • You are right. Thanks

    Since X1004 is using ASMedia ASM1182e PCIe switch, they can't support PCIe Gen 3 speed, so even though we forced to turn on PCIe Gen 3.0 setting in Raspberry Pi 5, it is limited by ASMedia ASM1182e PCIe switch, speed is still PCIe Gen 2.0. I'll check the Wiki and correct it, I actually really hate fudging.


    And I have updated the wiki.

    Thanks again.


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