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Questions about X680 and ATX modules

  • I'm looking at getting the X680 for my home lab but have some questions.

    1) Can the device be powered by PoE?

    2) What are the device's dimensions?  Would it perhaps fit inside a 1U or 2U slot on a standard server rack with custom mounts or resting on a shelf?

    3) Is the CM4 HDMI port a passthrough or what is it's function?  Does it output the same dispaly that would be seen through the web interface?

    4) Do the compatible X630-A5 ATX control modules have a low profile PCIE slot adapter that could be used in a 2U server chassis?

    5) If not, what is the pinout for the ATX control module?  It would be good to know if it could be compatible with other ATX control module boards that have low profile adapters.


    6) Dimensions for the mounting holes and ports on the ATX control module might also be helpful if a custom low profile adapter needs to be made.

    7) Lastly, does the device support a separate wifi connection if being used with a Wi-Fi enabled CM?  I see in the pictures that a hole exists by the CM4 portion on the back - is that by chance a mounting hole for a separate antenna?

  • @Kevin Sporinsky Hi, we have replied your question via email, please check your email, thanks!

  • @Cindy Ding 

    I would have the same questions concerning:
    1) the possibility to power the X680 via PoE (the Wiki mentions it, but I cannot find any additional info about it, expecially which kind of PoE)
    2) the exact size and mounting possibilities
    So, it would be great, if the answers could maybe just be posted here.
    Just dreaming: If the device would be mountable in a 19" 1U slot, supplied with mounting ears, possible to be powered by standard PoE (IEEE 802.3at) and have the OLED on the front-site, it would be a 'just take my money'-device when thinking on whether to buy it ... maybe consider the mentioned points for improved release 🤪

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  • @brix maxx I'm actually working on this right now.  I'm the original poster and for some reason can't put new replies on my old account so I started a new one.  While I don't have the original email anymore for the dimensions, I got my x680 in and I'm designing the 1U mount with screen relocation and strain relief for cables in the back.  I also don't remember the response on the PoE side of things either.

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