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Mouse response (PIKVM)

  • Hello!
    I have slow mouse response on my PIKVM. I've found how people fix it, but I cant make it on my PIKVM.

    Please, help me, I use linux system first time and maybe I don't understand some key-commands because I have experience in windows only.

    I enter to pikvm web browser terminal and start to apply the following:

    1. "su -" + ENTER

    2. "root" + ENTER (as password)

    3. "rw" + ENTER (to enter editing mode, NOT read-only)

    4. "sudo vi /boot/cmdline.txt" + ENTER (to change the main file, like to add there the ending of the line)
      Further, I see the line where I need to type the following "usbhid.mousepoll=0"
      Firstly, I am not able to reach this goal from first attempt, but ok, I type " usbhid.mousepoll=0" after last symbol of the line, and...

    HOW I need to apply the changes (to save changes) and to reboot??? I have found some info, that in Linux systems it will be "ctrl + X" and then I need to choose "Y" and after to type "sudo reboot" as main terminal request, but I didn't manage to have success, because pikvm terminal doesn't save my editing.

    Please, help, maybe I did something wrong(((

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