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x825 HDD height problem

  • I recently purchased a x825-c8 case and the x825 v2.0 board. Since the description said its for 4TB HDDs  I thought this would be okay. The products arrived, I removed my HDD from its external USB case and started assembling all the parts.

    Unfortunately I noticed that the HDD height doesn't fit into the case with the board installed. Looking further into the documentation I saw that the max HDD height for case + board was 11mm, while my HDD was 14mm.

    I saw that the x825-c6 and v1.5 would have been the better option for me. But its sold out everywhere (production discontinued?).

    What can I do now? Is there a better case for me? Could I modify the x825-c8 with larger spacers in some way that I can make it fit? I need a case that can take at least one 2.5" HDD (I'm using 2 right now mainly as a Plex server so 2 would be very nice, but my wallet is slim and it seemed the 1 HDD case solution was cheaper). I looked for other 4TB HDDs , but I didn't find a HDD that would fit into the case

  • Hello,

    Sorry, x825-C6 has been discontinued, now only X825-C8---Support Max 9.5MM thickness 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD

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