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Does the v3.0 of the x735 still work with latched/toggle switches?

  • Going from v2.5 to v3.0 of the x735, the 4 pin header appears to have repurposed pins 3 & 4 from "Using external latching switch" to "PWM fan is controled by GPIO, need to install script". Does this mean latched or toggle (on/off) switches are no longer supported? Thank you.

  • So I see on the Update notification, "Remove the latching switch connector(the latching switch is no longer supported and replaced by a XH2.54 5V OUT connector". The reference to XH2.54 5V OUT connector mean that a latched switch is supported? If so, how? Not sure how a 5V OUT would indicate a latched switch. If not, then that means I need a momentary switch, correct? Your switches are pretty, but I wanted a switch with a cover, so it could not be accidently pressed. Thank you.

  • @Frederick Brier 

    XH2.54 5V OUT connector also not support the latched switch(it’s 4pin connector). If you want to use an external switch, it is recommended that you buy a momentary switch.  But we don't have a switch with a cover. 

  • I decided to go with Geekworm's momentary switch and I found a "DaierTek 16mm Dustproof Safety Push Button Switch Cover Guard Plastic Protector" cover on Amazon, which I hope will work with your product. Thank you!

  • @Frederick Brier 

    Geekworm switch size is 19mm, I think 16mm Switch Cover should not fit it.

  • Alas Lisa, you are correct again <sigh>. The covers and button arrived this afternoon and it does not fit. I recently bought some transparent filament. I will try to design and print a larger one. It probably won't look as good, but better than accidentally shutting down the CNC. Thank you.

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