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NASPI Flashing Light below power button

  • I have installed the NASPIcase  and it works beautifully, running Ubuntu server without issue.   My installation was performed on an SD card, but I want to boot from SSD.

    To migrate the OS from the SD card, I used ddrescue to copy the OS from /dev/mmcblk0 to /dev/sda.    Raspberry OS does this with a menu option --- but I don't want the training wheels approach, and I want to run a more vanilla OS...

    The migration went perfectly, and even booted :D and the fan control/power button works beautifully.

    The issue that I have is that the small blue LED below the power light is now flashing when I boot from /dev/sda   It a "fast" flash...looks to the casual observer it would be continuously but upon inspection it looks like about 4-6 fast flahes then an extremely short "off" period 

    The htop looks normal, the filesystem is cleanly mounted (reported on boot)  -- I don't see this documented elsewhere.   


    The powe rlight is on, the red PI power light is on and the LED activity light on the PI is flashing as I would expect a hard drive to.   This only odd behavior I see is the blue light below the power swtich flashing


  • Hi, have you considered reinstalling the OS on the SSD? Then see if the function is normal?

  • Thanks! It was a lot of work! 


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