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X630 installation on Raspi 2B V1.1

  • Hey there,

    I've been trying to install the X630 on my Raspi 2B V1.1 with Raspian Buster using these instructions for installation with hardware reset. Trying to start "raspistill" or "raspivid", I'm ending up with the error message: "the system should be configured for the legacy camera stack". 🤔
    "raspi-config" doesn't have the sub-menu item to enable the legacy stack, and this seems only logical, because afaik, Buster only has the legacy stack (no libcamera stuff). The Pi Cam is recording without any problems both stills and video on the same port using the legacy commands.

    So.. does anyone have an idea what this could be?

    I would also consider buying new hardware, but as you probably know, Raspi4s are not available right now.. Ultimately, I wanna do somthing similar to this DIY LED mirror project, and I already have it running on the Raspi2 with 150 LEDs and the Pi Cam. But I wanna use input video. Any tipps which Raspi to buy are also very much appreciated!


  • Hello,Nik

    Please try to download this system and test it. 


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