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  • Im looking for some tech support from geekworm, does anyone know the best place for this? I tried the "contact us" link on the webssite but nothing was there. I recently bought the naspi kit from them and got it working as planned but the display has recently stopped working. The cable and the display is working as it works while the naspi is going through boot, but then stops working. I started a discussion a while ago about it and they said to reflash the firmware but that was all I got.  I need a bit more of a walk through so if there is someone that can help or point me in the right direction to talk to someone that would be great. 

  • The raspbery pi forum was able to answer this for me. 

    Code: Select all

    sudo nano /boot/config.txt

    add/change to:

    by adding an f, this will change the driver to the old version used in buster.
    reboot after making changes and saving.

  • Hello , sir

    Sorry for the late reply. If you still need any help, please contact here []. and please tell us your order number. Thanks~

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