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General Inquiry x728 Charging

  • The documentation for the X728 states not to use the micro usb to power the pi, or to use the USB-C port. I am however quite confused by this. What is the proper way to charge the batteries in the x728 HAT? Should I avoid using the USB-C port and go straight to a barrel jack? I have been using the C port to charge the device batteries when I'm not using the Pi, I don't want to compromise the HAT or the Pi, so what is the best practice for charging this device. Should I use an external charger for the 18650 batteries, or is it safe to use the C port to charge them as i have been? Additionally, is it okay to plug power into the HAT via USB-C while I'm using the pi, essentially charging the batteries as I deplete them? I understand this may be an obvious answer but for others wondering im sure this thread would prove helpful.

  • Hi, Thanks for your support.

    The correct power way is TYPE C port or DC 5525 Jack in X728 Hat, we don't use micro USB because of the low current limit of the micro USB connector (Max. is only 2.5A).  We DON'T power the Rpi board via type c port when we are using X728 HAT.




  • Can i power it from a solar panel via DC 5525 Jack in ?

  • @Micu Valentin 


    It is theoretically possible, but we have not tested it.


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