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X825 + Raspberry Pi4 Power On/Off with 1 Button? | Geekworm

X825 + Raspberry Pi4 Power On/Off with 1 Button?

  • Hi, I recently buy a X825 Board and hooked it to my Pi4, there is any whay I can put only 1 button to power the board on (including the Pi) and then use the same button to Power the Pi off and after it's complety shutdown power off the board?

    Before using the x825 I use to have a Scrip on my Pi so when it completly turned off it put a pin to ground or Hight and then using some transistor power off the powersuply, the same when I power the setup on, same button power on and off, any chance of doind this with the x825?,  mayby using the PWR SW jack and some discrete components?


    EDIT: How the button of the X825-C6 and X825-C7 works?, to me, it's looks like for turning the Pi of, you need fisrt turn the Pi of from Console and after that press the big blue button, if you press the button with the Pi running, it's just going to cut the power to the Pi posibly damaging it on the process


  • This Forum is complety dead or what?, I think I find a whay of doing what I whant with only 1 component

  • Hi, Sorry for late reply.

    Only one X735 can meet your request.


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