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Chrontab -e for automatic reboot | Geekworm

Chrontab -e for automatic reboot

  • Hi folks,

    Just a quick question,

    Can i still use Chrontab to set up an automatic reboot of the raspberry pi eventhough there will be a power button used?

    I intend on setting up the Raspberry pi as a VPN server and Pi hole, so would need to periodically reboot the computer.

    Ive just bought the X829 case and dual 2.5" sata board with the X735 power board and 8gb Raspberry PI.


    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Hi, 

    I think your idea is achievable,  X735 only provide the 730off command to achive save power off, but no X735reboot.


    Chrontab  + reboot


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