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Is X829 stackable?

  • Hi all,

    I plan to mount a 4GB Raspberry Pi 4b with two 2,5" HDD (1TB + 500GB) that I currently own.

    I intended to go for your full Raspberry Pi 4 Model B+2Pcs X828 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD Cluster Storage Expansion Board+DC 5V 4A Power Supply Kit but the equivalent set-up with an X829 would buy me some space.

    Question is : will I be able, in the future, to add an X828 or X835 under the X829 if I ever get more HDDs ?

    Bonus question is : what are pro/cons of X829 vs dual X828 beyond space (transfer speed, lower consumption or so) ?

    Thanks in advance for your time and answers :-)

    Best regards,

  • Hi Alexia


    1. X835/X835 is only for 3.5 inch HDD, and X835/X835 require DC 12V, BUT x828/x829 is for 2.5 inch SSD/HDD, so don't use them together.

    2. X829 and X828 cannot be mixed, x828 supports multi hdd/sdd, and it's stackable, but X829 does not, but X829 itself can install two hard drives.

    3. We will release the X829-C1 for X829 in the next week, and you can assemble the UPS HAT(U100) and 18650 battery holder in X829-C1 case also, We hope we can create a perfect NAS solution.

    for some difference, please refer to


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  • Hi @Harry Huang,

    Thanks a lot for this detailed answer :-)

    Best regards,

  • I add here the exchange of mails I had with Suptronics who builds the boards.

    My mail :

    I intend to mount a pretty classic NAS Raspberry stack with 3 HDDs I currently own (1x1TB + 2x500GB).
    The set-up I consider is the following, top to bottom :
    1. X735 with 5V 4A DC power
    2. Raspberry Pi 4 model B 4GB
    3. X829 with power connection to X735
    4. X828 plugged on the X829
    My question is whether I can stack the X829 board with a X828.
    To me, they just act like regular SATA to USB cardboards, so it should be ok, right ?
    Their answer

    The position for the fixed holes onX829 and X828 are not same so you might have problem to stack them. This is the main problem.

    So to me, issue is mainly regarding the form factor
    -> with a bit of DIY pieces, this is technically possible.

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