NASPi Gemini-New Raspberry Pi 4 Dual SATA Storage Solution

by Cindy Ding on April 19, 2022

At the early 2017, we made a NAS storage solution for Raspberry Pi. Accroding to customers' feedback, we made a series of improvements, like X800, X820, X825 V1.5, X825 V2.0, X828, X829, X822, X880, X883, NASPi Lite, NASPi, etc. From only supporting single hard disk to support dual hard disks, from complicated installation to simple installation, now a new raspberry pi storage kit - NASPi Gemini is released. Hope you will like it!

NASPi Gemini is the dual 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD storage board with case solution for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computer, it is composed of three parts:

  • X882 shield provides dual 2.5 inch HDD/SSD storage function(UASP supported Only);
  • NASPi Gemini metal case;
  • 3Pin 4010 PWM cooling fan with metal bracket for cooling

The NASPi Gemini is a great choice for users who want to use 2pcs 2.5"  SATA SSD/HDD to work at the same time. 

NASPi Gemini is an ultra-compact dual 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD storage kit with safeshutdown, auto power on and RAID function designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computer , it allows two 2.5" HDD/SSD to working at the same time with your Raspberry Pi 4. 

The X882 board is an ultra-compact dual 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD storage board specially designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B computer. We use NASPi Gemini metal case to match with X882 storage board and a PWM cooling fan with bracket to build up NASPi Gemini Kit.

The X882 is more compact and thinner than X829, X883, X880 after the HDD/SSD installation.

The X882 board has on board safeshutdown function, you do not need to add extra expansion board like X735 for power management, it has on board power button to control the power on/off easily, do not need to connect external power switch.

The safe shutdown script is the same as X-C1 software, you can refer to:



The NASPi Gemini uses the same cooling scheme as the NASPi, we only increased the height of the copper spacer from 6mm to 11mm to allow a heatsink with a maximum thickness of 7mm to be placed on the CPU chip. NASPi Gemini uses 4010 PWM cooling fan, can support automatic adjustment of speed according to CPU temperature, need to install the shell script.


NASPi Gemini metal case is designed with many round holes at the four side of the case cover for cooling function, and there are many many long oval opening holes and 2pcs cross shape hanging holes at the case buttom for HDD/SSD to dissapate heat. But because the shielding of the metal casing will cause the loss of 2.4G wifi signal, we only recommend you to use Ethernet or 5G WiFi when use NASPi Gemini.

Installation Video of NASPi Gemini:

Software Guide of script installation, please fast forward video to 5 minutes 10 seconds.




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