X708 V2.0 UPS Update in 2022

by Cindy Ding on April 29, 2022

We release the third version of X708 UPS HAT at the end of April 2022. From X708 V1.0 to X708 V1.2, now we have the latest X708 V2.0 version.

X708 V2.0 Update:

  • Added protection circuit and alarm function when the battery is reversely connected (RESERVED will be on)
  • Supports the control of two kind of fan speeds(You can control the fan running at high speed or low speed via modify the CPU temperature threshold in fan.py script file )
  • Solved the problem that the old version can't charge when the battery is exhausted
  • Improved AUTO ON function
  • Added battery over-discharge function
  • Improved power path management function: when external AC power is supplied, the AC PSU supplies power to the UPS shield and also charges the battery.

 We also updated the software of X708, please refer to: wiki.geekworm.com/X708-Software


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