2019 New Updated X850 Metal Case to be Compatibe with X860 M.2 NGFF/X870 M.2 NVMe SSD Board

by Cindy Ding on April 29, 2019

At the end of April 2019, Geekworm release a new updated X850 V3.0 USB 3.0 mSATA SSD storage expansion board use metal case which we call it X850 V4 case , it can be compatible to install not only Raspberry Pi and X850 board, but also two new release storage board:   X860 V1.2 M.2 NGFF SATA SSD Expansion Board and X870 V1.3 M.2 NVMe SSD Expansion Board. 

We also get some feedback who use the X850 board and case with ROCK64 single board computer, but come up with a little problem of the case. The Raspberry Pi use mirco USB port, but ROCK64 use a little big DC port, so the case opening of micro USB port is too small for the ROCK64 board power supply to plug in.  But in this X850 V4 metal case, we updated this power supply opening to a big one. So now the new version X850 metal case can be used to install the ROCK64 and X850 V3.0 board in.

Geekworm also consider the new board X860 and X870 which has same size with X850 V3.0 mSATA SSD board, then redesign the old X850 metal case from a rectangle to square. 


As the X850, X860 and X870 has no safe shutdown function, the X735 Power Management & Auto Cooling expansion board is designed to protect the Raspberry Pi with safe power management.

Also consider this situation, so the new X850 V4 metal case is reserved enough space to install the X735 power management and auto cooling board at the top of Raspberry Pi. Also the DC port and micro USB port of X735 is opened on the case.

There is a power control switch port is opened on the new version X850 case, but X850, X860 and X870 are all no power switch port reserved on board, so you need the X735 board to use the power control switch.

But if you do not want to use the X735 board, it is also ok, we prepare a black cover for you to cover the hole of power control switch, so it will look good.

So please note the Power Switch is used to control the power of X870 / X860 / X850 storage board when the power switch is connected to X735 board only, or the power switch will not work and you can replace the switch with the black cover if you do not have or do not want to use X735 board.



 Raspberry Pi X860 V1.2 M.2 NGFF 2280/2260/2242/2230 SATA SSD Expansion Board


 Raspberry Pi X870 V1.3 M.2 NVMe 2280/2260/2242/2230 SSD Expansion Board


Raspberry Pi X735 Safe Shutdown Power Management & Auto Cooling Expansion Board

Also there is another thing need to pay attention, when you install the X735 board on the Raspberry Pi and X850/X860/X870, the mini cooling fan can't be install on, there is no enogh space for it, but please don't worry, there is a big cooling fan on the X735 board which has auto cooling function. So you don't need to install the fan on the case if you have the X735 board installed into the metal case.

Another note for the metal case to be used with X870 V1.3 M.2 NVMe SSD Expansion Board. 

At the very beginning, we design this case and hope it can also suitable for X870 M.2 NVME Board also, but when we do the test, we find the port for X870 USB3.0 Type A to Type C cable is a little small that it is a little difficult to plug the Type Cable.
But It is ok to use this case for X870 board, but you need to plug the USB3.0 Type A to Type C cable first, then install the top shell.
We will update this case to suitable with X870 NVME Board better in the next version.


This is a 2019 New updated metal case with cooling fan kit for X850 V3.0 SSD mSATA storage board / X860 M.2 NGFF SATA SSD Expansion Board /X870 NVME M2 SSD Expansion Board, and also the power control switch is euquipped to use with X735 board which can be stack above the X850/X860/X870 board.(If you do not use the X850 baord with X735 board, the power control switch will be no use.)

Key Features
Support super mute cooling fan, round cooling holes on the case, almost no weakness for the bluetooth and WIFI signal;
High quality metal material with surface galvanized process;
Side Slot(Interface) for GPIO/FFC Cable
There is a ABS cap for you to cover the round hole when not install the power switch.
Case Size(Installation): 9cm x 9cm x 6cm / 3.54inch x 3.54inch x 2.36inch;

This new case is big and update tp be more functional, so the cost is increased so the price will be a little higher than previous X850 metal case,hope to get your understanding! 

If you have any feeback or advice, please feel free to contact geekworm by sp@geekworm.com

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by timothy doherty on March 12, 2022

Where can I buy the x850 case? It is sold out at Amazon. Thanks.


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