2019 New Ultra-Thin Aluminum Alloy Metal CNC Case for Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+/A+

Hi, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ use CNC ultra-thin aluminum alloy metal case that perfect for Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ (plus) and Raspberry Pi A+ has been released now.

Key Features:

  • Whole aluminum alloy CNC processing, sand blasting, anodizing
  • Ultra-thin ONLY 14mm thickness
  • With good heat dissipation for the CPU and memory of your Pi 3A+/A+
  • With black acrylic translucent plate to maximize compatibility with WiFi and Bluetooth signals, almost no weakness
  • The Pi 3A+/A+ indicators is visiable after installation
  • Access to all ports of raspberry pi 3A+/A+
  • Prepared with 4 rubber feets to stable the case and not easy to scratch
  • The Pi 3A+/A+GPIO pin is avaiable for other application

If you have the Raspberry Pi 3A+ or A+ board, this aluminum alloy enclosure is a very good choice to protect your Pi 3A+/A+ board, have very good heat dissipation to conduct the heat of your pi board to the case and then dissipate the heat.

The Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ CNC case use a black acrylic translucent plate at the side face to maximize compatibility of WiFi and Bluetooth signals, and there is almost no weakness for the signals.


And there are 4 silicone pads (rubber feets) to cover at the 4 round place of the case buttom to protect this metal case from scratches, and also make it stable to stand on the table.

The Raspberry Pi 3A+/A+ GPIO pin will also be available to use after the installation, so you can use the gpio for other application.



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