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Raspberry Pi 4 11mm Embedded Heatsink (P165-B)

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Product: P165-B
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  • Geekworm is the original designer and manufactuer of P165-A, P165-B, C235 & C296 heatsink.
  • Support customize the different specifications of standoff spacers for the heatsink! Please email us!!!
  • If you are buying in bulk, please contact us to confirm the shipping cost!

This P165-B is an upgraded version of P165-A, which is perfectly compatible with POE Extension.
This Embedded armor aluminum alloy heatsink/Radiator is design to slove Pi 4 excessive heat generation problem when use Raspberry Pi 4 with its expansion board. This heatsink can also be used with a 30mm cooling fan above.

User Manual:

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1. Why design this new P165-B 11mm embedded heatsink?

A: We found that the copper spacers height required for most Raspberry Pi expansion boards is 11mm, so we designed this 11mm embedded heatsink(P165-B). Compared with the old model(P165-A), the heat dissipation area is increased and the heat dissipation effect will be better; at the same time, this new version support POE extension;

2. What if the Raspberry Pi 4 expansion board comes into contact with the heatsink?

A: Please use the 2*20 female header to add the height of expanion board. (If you need gpio extension, please refer to

[Key Features]

  • Only supports Raspberry Pi 4 Model B;
  • Supports to cooling down the Raspberry Pi 4 board when using the Pi 4 expansion board;
  • Equipped with only 4pcs M2.5x5+6mm spacers;
  • Raspberry Pi HAT positioning hole is M2.5 internal thread; (this design is convenient to fix)
  • Supports the installation of 30mm fans; Cooling fan can be added when the heat dissipation of a single aluminum heat sink is not enough, so that all heat dissipation problems can be solved.
  • Support POE expansion board, the POE port is available to use.
  • Heatsink size: 6.5x5.5x1.1cm/2.55x2.16x0.43inch


  • 1. This is a new version P165-B embedded heatsink with 11mm thickness.
  • 2. The P165-B embedded heatsink support install the 30mm cooling fan. No cooling fan included in the packing list.
  • 3. Add one piece thermal tape as gift in case you will need. But it is strongly recommend to use the CPU grease(not included) to replace the thermal tape to get better heat dissipation. Due to shipping restrictions, please prepare the CPU grease if you need.
  • 4. The Raspberry Pi 4 board is NOT included in the packing list.

Packing list

P165-B Packing List

  • 1x 11mm armor heatsink(P165-B)
  • 4x M2.5x5+5mm spacers
  • 1x thermal tape(only use when you need it)

P165-B+Fan Packing List

  • 1x 11mm armor heatsink with 3010 cooling fan(P165-B)
  • 4x M2.5x5+5mm spacers
  • 1x thermal tape(only use when you need it)

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