Geekworm Double Eleven is on sale now

by Abby Zhu on November 11, 2019

Double Eleven is the largest shopping festival in China; also known as the “Bachelor's Day Promotion” or Singles Day Promotion (Double 11) in China.

To thanks for your support with Geekworm, we also prepared a SUPER DEAL this year for you, it is from 2019.11.11 00:00:00 to 2019.11.12 23:59:59. YOU CAN NOT MISS IT!

1. Raspberry Pi UPS: X750/ X705/ X725/ UPS HAT1/ UPS HAT2


2. Raspberry Pi 4 case,

Including aluminum armor case, acrylic case, ABS case,

Geekworm designed Embedded Aluminum Heatsink...

3. Raspberry Pi 4/ 3B+/3B expansion board:

X850/X855 mSATA expansion board,

X820/X825 2.5 inch sata board,

X830 3.5 inch sata board,

X735 safe shutdown power management board,

raspberry pi motor hat,

audio AMP/ DAC board like X400 DAC Board, DAC II Board, etc.,


4. raspberry pi LCD,

2.8 inch, 3.5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch...

5. raspberry pi game case/ game handle

6. Lattepanda case

Case for Lattepanda V1.0, Lattepanda Alpha / Delta

7. Jetson Nano Series

Storage Expansion Board(T300 2.5 inch SATA Board/ T100 NVMe M.2 SSD Board), Power Management Board(T200 / T200-A1), Matching Metal Case with power Switch(N100 Case for Jetson Nano, T300-C2 Case for Jetson Nano & T300, T100-C1 Case for Jetson Nano & T100)



EXP GDC versions according to the difference of interface types:
Mini Pci-e Version
Express Card Version
NGFF M.2 A key Version
NGFF M.2 M key Version

9. Orange Pi Case

Including Case for Orange Pi 3, Orange Pi PC/PC2/PC Plus, Orange Pi One, Orange Pi One Plus, Orange Pi Lite, Orange Pi Lite2, Orange Pi Zero, Orange Pi Zero Plus2...


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