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Geekworm KVM-A3 Kit for Raspberry Pi 4 Open-source KVM Over IP

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Note: The X630 shield is required for the KVM-A3 kit, and the KVM-A3 (Without X630) is only available to those customers who have previously purchased the
X630 shield.

Geekworm Raspberry Pi-based KVM-Over-IP Family

Model Compatible With Work with X630
KVM-A3 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B YES
KVM-A8 Raspberry Pi 4 Model B YES
KVM-A4 Raspberry Pi Zero 2W YES
X650 Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4(CM4) NO
X652 Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4(CM4) NO
X680 Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4(CM4) NO

KVM ( is a very powerful and Open Source Software which allows for a remote connection via your Raspberry Pi to turn on/off or restart your computer, configure the UEFI/BIOS, and even reinstall the OS using the Virtual CD-ROM or Flash Drive. You can use your remote keyboard and mouse or KVM can simulate a keyboard, mouse, and a monitor, which are then presented in a web browser as if you were working on a remote system directly. It's true hardware-level access with no dependency on any remote ports, protocols or services!

The KVM refers to Keyboard Video Mouse. The KVM-A3 kit is designed and based on Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, NOT support Raspberry Pi 3B/3B+.

For Raspberry Pi Zero 2W, pls refer to KVM-A4 Kit.

For KVM-A8 PCIe version based on Raspberry Pi 4, pls refer to: KVM-A8 Kit.

The KVM-A3 is composed of follow parts:

  • KVM-A3 Metal Case for Raspberry Pi 4
  • X630 HDMI to CSI-2 Module (for video capture)
  • X630-A3 Expansion Board (for ethernet, cooling, RTC, power in etc)
  • X630-A5 Adapter Board (it is installed inside the PC case, and it connect the computer motherboard and IO panel cabe of PC case)
  • 0.96 inch OLED (for display, Resolution: 128×64 pixel)
  • Ethernet Cable (TIA/EIA-568.B connection, and it's ATX control signal cable)


  • Please use the supplied USB Type-C to USB 2.0 A-Male Cable only. USB-C to USB-A cable only with DATA lines (for keyboard and mouse emulation), using other cable might cause instability or damage to either the host PC or the Pi.
  • We need to ensure you isolate the 5v connection between the Raspberry Pi and host PC to prevent backpower issues that can cause instability or damage to either the host PC or the Pi.
  • The X630-A1 plate has no use for the KVM-A3 installation, don't need to use X630-A1!!!

How to Power

  • Power Input: 5.1Vdc +/-5% , ≥3A (Power Via USB Type-C port of X630-A3) [DON'T power via Raspberry Pi's TYPE-C port, because it is occupied as USB OTG.]

User Manual

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  • Designed especially for KVM (Open and cheap DIY IP-KVM based on Raspberry Pi)
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 4 Model B
  • Fully compatiblie with KVM OS
  • Control a server and computer using a web browser
  • HDMI Full HD capture based on the TC358743 chip
  • OTG Keyboard & mouse; Mass Storage Drive emulation
  • Hardware Real Time Clock (RTC) with CR1220 coin battery socket
  • Equipped with cooling fan that allows the heat from your Raspberry Pi to dissipate
  • Equipped with solidstate relays to protect RPi GPIO pins from computer and ESD spikes
  • ATX control via RJ45 connector Switch the machine on or off, reset it, and monitor the status of HDD LED & power LED remotely
  • Reserves the 10pin SH1.0 connector for future I2S HDMI audio support
  • Reserves the 4pin header & spacers for I2C OLED display

Packing List

  • 1 x X630 HDMI to CSI-2 Module
  • 1 x FPC Cable (5cm length)
  • 1 x X630-A3 V1.2 Expansion Board
  • 1 x USB-A to USB-C OTG Cable (Cable Length: 100cm / 39.37 inch)
  • 4 x M2.5x20 F/F Spacers
  • 7 x M2.5x5 Screws
  • 1 x M2.5x10 Screws
  • 1 x X630-A5 V1.0 Adapter Board
  • 1 x M3.5x5 Screw
  • 4 x ATX Control Cables (Cable Length: 47cm / 18.50 inch)
  • 1 x 0.96 inch OLED
  • 2 x M2x6mm Screws
  • 1 x KVM-A3 Metal Case (Support Raspberry Pi 4 Only)
  • 1 x Ethernet Cable(Length: 100cm)

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