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Geekworm Active Cooler for Raspberry Pi 5, Armor Cooler with Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 5

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Model: H501
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Geekworm has brought several heatsink products that are as good as the official Raspberry Pi active cooler, and they are all designed for the Raspberry Pi 5

After testing, the heat dissipation performance of the Geekworm active radiator series is no less than or better than the official active cooler, and the heat dissipation performance of some models will exceed the official cooler, such as the H505 cooler, due to the use of thermal pads with higher thermal conductivity , while adding more thermal contact area in contact with the Raspberry Pi 5 motherboard, and the aluminum alloy heatsink is also thicker than the official cooler, and also has more heat dissipation fins. There is no doubt that its heat dissipation performance is more than Official cooler.

Like other H503, H501 radiator also has good heat dissipation performance and is suitable for a wide range of applications in your products.


Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5: Geekworm active cooler Aluminum Heatsink is only designed for Raspberry Pi 5 8GB/4GB and all variants
Support PWM Speed Control: Different from ordinary fans, this cooling fan supports PWM speed regulation, which is perfectly compatible with Raspberry Pi OS.
Good Heat Dissipation Effect: With 3007 ultra-quiet cooling fan and good quality thermal pads, it can lower the temperature of Raspberry Pi Board quickly.
Lightweight and Easy to Install: Easy to install, just push it in directly using clamps.

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