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What's the difference between X825-C6 and X825-C7 case?

by Cindy Ding on August 18, 2020

In August 2020, we release the X825-C7 metal case, also will keep the X825-C6 metal case.

You may ask what's the difference between X825-C6 and X825-C7 case?



Our X825-C1 to X825-C6 case are designed for Raspberry Pi 4&X825 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD Storage Board&X735 Power Management Board;  support to install the X735 Auto Cooling & safe shutdown board over Raspberry Pi 4.

Application for X825-C6:



The newest X825-C7 metal case is specially designed for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B&X825 & X708/U100/X735. We design this X825-C7 case to provide a compelete Raspberry Pi NAS solution(X825 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD shield) with UPS function(reply on X708/U100).

Application for X825-C7:

X825-C6 case dimensions:12.5cmx9.4cmx6.7cm/4.92inchx3.54inchx2.67inch

X825-C7 case dimensions: 11.3cmx9cm x 6.7cm/4.44inchx3.54inchx2.67inch

What's the difference between X825-C6 and X825-C7?

A. The X825-C6 can support Raspberry Pi 4+X825+X735 or Raspberry Pi 4+X825.(Do not support X708/U100.)

B. The X825-C7 can support Raspberry Pi 4+X825+X708/U100/X735 or Raspberry Pi 4+X825.

C. X825-C7 case size is bigger than X825-C6. X825-C7 size:12.5cmx9.4cmx6.7cm/4.92inchx3.7inchx2.64inch; X825-C6 Case size: 11.3cmx9cmx6.7cm/4.44inchx3.54inchx2.64inch

D. X825-C7 use big 5010 cooling fan, the fan hole is open at the left side of the X825-C7 case. X825-C6 use 4010 cooling fan. 

Installation Video for Raspberry Pi 4+X82+X708/U100+X825-C7 Case: 

 Installation Video for Raspberry Pi 4+X825 +X735+X825-C6 Case: