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Raspberry Pi Armor Case - Aluminum Aolly Metal Enclosure to Dress Up Your Raspberry Pi

by Cindy Ding on December 07, 2018

If you have a Raspberry Pi motherboard, one of the first things you'll need to consider is to find a suitable case to protect your Pi. Of course, there are many styles and different materials to choose from. There are so many really nice Raspberry Pi enclosures, some offer durability, port access, easy-access to the board.

Today we will introduce this Raspberry Pi Armor Case to you! This armor case is made of aluminum alloy with CNC machining manufacturing technology and good heat dissipation. There are two versions available: armor case with dual fan and armor case without fan. 

  Raspberry Pi Aluminium Alloy Metal Armor Cooling Case with Dual Fan

 Raspberry Pi Aluminium Alloy Metal Armor Cooling Case


They are compatible to install the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Plus and the most popular Raspberry Pi 3 model B, and also the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B,Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ .

 Raspberry Pi Aluminium Alloy Metal Armor Cooling Case with Dual Fan

 Raspberry Pi Aluminium Alloy Metal Armor Cooling Case

The armor enclosure is cool in design and very good-looking, one includes the dual fan and thermal tapes to provide good heat dissipation and reduce the temperature for Raspberry Pi board. 

The armor case is seperately into two pcs, top cover and bottom cover, to install them on the Pi you just need to firm the four screws on which is very easy to install.

As there is no block cover at the surround of Raspberry Pi, so the Raspberry Pi WIFI and bluetooth signal will not be affected by the armor case. Many other Raspberry Pi metal case have weakened the WIFI signal.

This aluminum alloy metal case is a great choice if you like a metal enclosure to install the Pi. 

Key Features:

  • Fast and good heat dissipation
  • Open case design which will not affect the Raspberry Pi WIFI and Bluetooth signal
  • All ports and slot of Raspberry Pi are available to use
  • Compatible to install Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+,Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B,Raspberry Pi 1 Model B+ 
  • Smooth and straight aluminum material,lightweight,long-lasting and durable
  • Thermal tapes included to make sure best heat conduction
  • Note: There are 4pcs Thermal Tape in the packing. And two big Thermal Tapes are optional, when you use the case for Raspberry Pi 3B+, you just need one Thermal Tape; when you use the case for Pi 3B, you need two Thermal Tapes.

Dual Fan Features:

  • Low power consumption design
  • Dual cooling expericnce,no more verheating problem.
  • Very quiet mini cooling fan, almost no noise


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by Kyaw Naing Win on October 27, 2019

Wifi lost with the case.

by Kyaw Naing Win on October 27, 2019

With fun plug into gpio, it wont boot but the fun is running. Without fun pluging into gpio, it boot but fun wont run when plug in after boot.

by Tikky on October 25, 2019

I have this case (withut fan) with my RP4.
It has a big impact to WiFi. It is even hard to open a webpage.|
Do not recommend

by Hank Graham on December 10, 2018

Awesome design!!