New Update X820 V3.0 Metal Case to Adapt Future Raspberry Pi X735 Safeshutdown HAT Module

by Cindy Ding on March 18, 2019

In March 14th, we Geekworm updated the Raspberry Pi X820 V3.0 SSD&HDD SATA Storage Board Matching Metal Case / Enclosure + Power Control Switch + Cooling Fan Kit to a new version. 

We added about 5mm height to make this X820 metal case to be suitable to install one more X735 safeshutdown HAT size expansion board at the top of your Raspberry Pi board. And it added two extra holes at the side cover for X735 board. 

The updation won't have much influence to the X820 case apperance, so please don't worry, now it is more functional, and maybe you can add other HAT size board on your Raspberry Pi.

With this new X820 metal case, you can install the X820 v3.0 board and its 2.5 inch SATA HDD or SSD, and Raspberry Pi board and X735 board which will release in the future.

How to install the Raspberry Pi and X820 V3.0 board and 2.5 inch SATA HDD/SSD?

X820 V3.0 metal case installation guide


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