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Holiday Deals (10)

Geekworm X728-C1 Metal Case with Cooling Fan & Power Switch for Raspberry Pi 4 & X728 V2.2/V2.1/V2.0 / X708 / X735


Geekworm X820 Metal Case with Power Switch & Cooling Fan for Raspberry Pi 3B+/3B


Geekworm NASPi V2.0 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD Kit with Auto Power On Function for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


Geekworm X-C1 Adapter Board with Ultra-thin Aluminum Case Kit for Raspberry Pi 4


Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W / Zero W Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Board with Case Kit (M200-K)


Geekworm X630-C1 Metal Case for Raspberry Pi 4&X630


Geekworm T300-C3 Metal Case for Jetson Nano and T300


Geekworm N100 Metal Case with Power & Reset Control Switch&Camera Bracket for Jetson Nano A02/B01/2GB/4GB/ Jetson Xavier NX


Geekworm LattePanda V1.0 Aluminum Alloy CNC Case + Cooling Fan Set


Aluminum Alloy Armor Passive cooling Case for LattePanda Alpha & Delta Board