The Geekworm Design Raspberry Pi 3 New DAC+ Acrylic Case Has Been Released Now

by Cindy Ding on September 20, 2018

In September, the Geekworm Team designed a new updated DAC+ acrylic case with dark brown color to install the Raspberry Pi board and PCM5122 I2S HIFI DIGI DAC+ Audio Sound Card.

The case is also transparent, and you can see the indicators inside the case, and the updated DAC+ acrylic case looks very beautiful and delicate.

Here you can see the DAC+ case original photos:


Is it beautiful?

The Updated New Transparent DAC+ Acrylic Case is perfect to fit with the DAC+ board and raspberry pi board with all ports available for connections, it may not compatible with the fake DAC+ audio card expansion board on the market! So please be careful to choose it. And make sure you have the right on in cart.

FAQ for the DAC+ board

If your DAC+ board can not work properly, please follow these instructions:

1. At first, Please check if your DAC+ configuration is right, please refer to our WIKI:

Notice: Please remember to reboot the system after you complete and save all the configuration.

2. Please have a check if your audio format is supported .(Such as do not support DTS, AC3,DSD, and other multi-channel audio source formats); for more details, please refer to the OS instructions in our WIKI.

3.If the problem still can not be solved, please try to replace the power supply and power supply cable, and please feel free to contact us by customer service anytime and anywhere.

4.When your hear the sound like noise, actually it is not noise, maybe your decoding is not right, so you need to check your configraution. You can try runeaudio or moode.If you still can not solve the problem, please send us the screenshot of your volumio  configuration,we will ask for the technician to check for you!


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