Raspberry Pi CM4 Stick-Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4 IO Board

by Cindy Ding on July 23, 2021

This CM4 Raspi Compute Stick(CM4 Stick) is an IO expansion board designed for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 CM4. Provides a variety of expansion interfaces for the CM4 module, including upgrade interfaces, 20pin GPIO expansion, CSI, Full Size HDMI2.0, TF Card slot, USB2.0, Type-C, 4PIN PWM fan port, etc..

With a small and compact size, it is can be adapted to variety of applicantion.
Supports to use with geekworm 12mm aluminum alloy heatsink C235.

Raspberry Pi CM4 Stick

1 x Full-size HDMI 2.0 Interface
1x USB-A: OTG USB (used to upgrade and update Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4)
1x USB-AF: USB 2.0 High Speed Interface
1x USB-C: Type-C Power Port 5V/3A
TF Card interface: Micro SD Card Slot (only supports CM4 module that without eMMC)
GPIO: 20Pin GPIO Expansion Interface
1x Fan interface: 4P/1.25mm PWM Fan Control Interface
1 x CSI camera FPC connectors (22-pin 0.5mm pitch cable)
1x Boot Switch System Startup Switch Interface (used when upgrading the system)
1x Reboot Button
Working Temperature: 0℃~80℃
PCB Dimension: 70x45mm


When connected to the computer with USB-A OTG, it becomes a real USB flash drive.

Supports to use with geekworm 12mm aluminum alloy heatsink C235

Raspberry Pi CM4 Stick


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