New X825 V2.0 Version 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD Shield for Raspberry Pi 4

by Cindy Ding on April 15, 2021

From April 1st 2021, the X825 has been update to X825 V2.0 version from X825 V1.5 version.

Here are some new features of X825 V2.0:

  1. X825 V2.0 use new 4pcs test pins to power each other with raspberry pi 4, no additional wire required.
  2. You can power the device via DC JACK of X825 V2.0 or TYPE C of Raspberry Pi 4 if you don’t use the X735 power management board.
  3. Remove the 4-Pin external switch connector in V2.0, please use the X735 to get the safe software shutdown & PWM fan control function(only X735 V2.5), and removes the on-board button switch also.
  4. X825 V2.0 support UASP not TRIM for raspberry pi 4;
  5. X825 V2.0 use a shorter USB 3 connector, thereby reducing the overall height, so only compatible with X825-C8 case. X825-C8 compatible with Pi 4 & X825 V2.0& X735. The X825-C6 or X825-C7 case only support X825 V1.5
  6. USB 3.0 high-speed transmission will interfere with the Raspberry Pi's 2.4G WIFI signal,if you find the 2.4G signal is unstable, please try to use ethernet or WIFI 5G AP. (Please refer to:



 There is new X825-C8 metal case designed for X825 V2.0.


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