Geekworm Raspberry Pi X728 V2.3 (Max 5.1V 6A) 18650 UPS & Power Management Board with Auto On & Safe Shutdown Function


Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B X708 V2.0 UPS HAT & Power Management Board with Cooling Fan


Geekworm X728-C1 Metal Case with Cooling Fan & Power Switch for Raspberry Pi 4 & X728 V2.2/V2.1/V2.0 / X708 / X735


Geekworm X708-A1 8-cell 18650 Battery Holder for X708/X750/X728 UPS


Raspberry Pi 4 X703 V1.2 18650 UPS Shield with Auto Power On Function


Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+/3B X729 V1.3 18650 UPS (Max 5.1V 6A) Shield with Wide 6-24V Input & PWM Fan


Geekworm X-UPS1 12V/5V Dual Output Universal SBC Stackable UPS Shield