X735 V2.5 Power Management Board Upate-X735 V3.0

by Cindy Ding on April 01, 2022

The X735 V2.5 power management board has been updated to a new version of X735 V3.0 at the end of March 2022.

There are 5 version of X735: V1.0, V2.0, V2.1, V2.5, V3.0 (final version): Version 2.5(Updated in 2021); Version 3.0(Updated in 2022)


Some new features/upates of X735 V3.0

  • The DC jack supports 6-30Vdc power input; the DC connector is changed from DC5525 to DC5521; TYPE C and Micro USB still only support 5V input;
  • The 4-PIN self-locking latching switch interface has been removed and replaced by a XH2.54 5V OUT connector;
  • Replace the L-SW jumper with FAN FS jumper to control the PWM fan; (Because we found that there are some beginner who don't know how to install the script to make the PWM fan run, or the installation script doesn't support 3rd party OS, at this time, you just need to remove the FAN FS jumper, the PWM fan will run at full speed.)
  • Do not plug the DC Jack and the USB port to supply power at the same time;
  • The shell script of the safe shutdown remains unchanged;

Some new features of X735 V2.5:

  • Use the silent PWM cooling fan, and support fan speed is control by script, support read fan speed, and we provide sample python code.
  • You must install shell script to enable the PWM fan work fine since it's a PWM fan, refer to X735 V2.5 Software
  • Support TRUE AUTO ON function (in the old version,the power management function is disabled if AUTO ON is enabled)
  • Considering that some customers use X735 together with other DAC shield, we adjusted the GPIO pins used.
  • Please install shell script to get safe shutdown function. please refer to X735 V2.5 Software
  • Remove the 2pin power cable from X735 v2.5
  • No any size changes.

X735 V2.5 vs X735 V2.1

Version 2.1(Updated on Oct. 30th, 2019): Only change jumper 'FAN_HS' to 'AUTO ON' function; because we found 'AUTO ON' function is more useful to user.

Version 2.0(Updated on July, 30th, 2019): special update for Raspberry Pi 4 Model B. Support all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40-pin header including Pi4/3B+/3B/2B/B+.

Add TYPE C power port for Raspberry Pi 4 model B, and replace the 'select button' with L-SW jumper, add the another FAN_HS jumer to enable full speed fan. In fact, X735 v2.0 can have more performance.
X735 V2.0 vs X735 V1.0
Version 1.0:(Released on June, 24th 2018) : designed for Raspbery Pi 3B+/3B/2B/B+


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