Tax Reference for EU member countries and the United Kingdom

by Cindy Ding on June 25, 2021

Countries within the European Union and in the United Kingdom charge a value-added tax, or VAT. EU VAT is calculated according to destination-based sourcing, which means that tax is charged to a customer based on their location. The minimum value of this tax is 15%, but each member country sets their own rates.

Now all the orders ship to EU countries need to declare TRUE VALUE, there will be tax charge at EU countries start from July 1st 2021.

Currently we are not able to ship the order to EU(European Union) countries by the regular shipping way like 4PX shipping or China post due to lack of IOSS number now. And we are prepare the IOSS number now, but it takes time.

Now we can only support fast shipping way like DHL to ship to above EU countries, but DHL shipping cost is expensive. Please understand our situation.

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Thanks for your understanding and continue support with Geekworm.



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