NASPi Update

by Cindy Ding on September 09, 2021

2pin power cable missing from the package?

Since we have done the update inner components of X823 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD shield, the customer who ordered the new NASPi kit and found that the 2pin power cable is missing.

Actually the 2 pin power cable is not missing, but no longer need the 2 pin power cable. We have updated the X823 2.5" SATA SSD/HDD shield from V1.3 version to V1.5 version.

The X823 V1.5 shield added 4pcs test pins on board, which will touch with the Raspberry Pi 4 board to power each other by test pins. Just like the new X825 V2.0 version. 

X823 V1.3


X823 V1.5

You can find the difference from the above photo of X823 V1.3 and X823 V1.5.

 This is the first update part of the NASPi.

Another update is the fan vent position, we have updated fan vent position to align with PWM fan well. The fan vent of first version of NASPi case is not cut out in a good place. But now it has been updated.

The above update has been done at around the end of August.


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