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Raspberry Pi 3B+

  • Hello

    I currently have a Raspberry Pi 3B +, I want to buy ( 1 set of X820 + X820 V3.0 + X735 ) case but I want more UPS Power.

    Can I replace X735 to X708? and X820 to X825 or not?

    ( X820 care + X825 + X708 )

  • Hi friend,

    Thanks for your email.

    Really sorry that the X820 V3.0 case does not support X708 UPS board.

    You can use the X820 board +X708 UPS without the X820 V3.0 case for Raspberry Pi 3B+.

    The X825 board is for Raspberry Pi 4 use, does not support Raspberry Pi 3B+.

    best regards,


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