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Setting up X825 X735 with Raspberry Pi 4 and momentary switch

  • I recently purchased a  X825, X735 and X825-C2 case with momentary power switch.  I am confused how to set the jumpers, which jumps should be connected on both the X825 and X735 boards?  I currently have 
    L-SW jump connected on the X735 board and Auto Off jumper connected on the X825 board.  I can get power, but I don't think the momentary switch is doing anything, and the Raspberry Pi4 isn't recognizing the sata drive.

  • @John Fulton  I have gotten the X735 to turn the Pi4 on, I had the momentary switch attached the the latching switch connection.  Also the Pi will recognize the ssd drive.  But I would like to boot from the ssd drive.  I have updated the eeprom on the pi4 to the most recent. and formatted and installed the most recent OS on the ssd.  When I try to boot with no sd card the system will say no ssd card inserted and stop the boot process.  Is it possible to boot directly from the X825 board with  ssd drive?  I am able to with just a usb drive connected to the usb port.

  • Hi friend,

    1. When use the X735 with X825, there is no need to put on any jumper caps, just remove all the jumer caps on X735.

    2. ABOUT how to boot from ssd, please refer to here:

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