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NAS Media Server for family | Geekworm

NAS Media Server for family

  • I'm pretty new to all of this but I want to make a NAS server for my family.  Ideally, what I want is for each person to have their own drive (5 in total) for their personal use (mainly to stream their media but for side projects and files as well).  The reason I want to have separate drives is because we (used to) travel a bit and sometimes there is little to on connection during long drives/the areas we go to.  I want them to be able to unplug their drive to bring along if they ever need and plug it back in when they come home. 


    I think my plan is to get 5 X828 boards and 2 X735 boards to go with a raspberry pi 4.  I'm also getting a small touchscreen for light maintenance once it's all set up and I think I saw a cooler at the piHut I am considering.  Would that be it?  Are there any special connectors/power sources that I'm not considering? Would there be any heat issues with the 5 drives stacked together?  Is there a better alternative to do what I want?


    Thank you in advance

  • @Matthew Mapua Hi dear ,This is a little complicated, As you are new to these, it is recommended that you use the  simple operation of Raspberry Pi first

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