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X835 - extra 5V ports | Geekworm

X835 - extra 5V ports

  • Hi,

    The 2 extra 5v ports on the X835 I received don't seem to work. I wanted to add 2 25mm fans to the back of the x835 case, but the fans don't work when plugged into the ports. They show to be available to "power other devices", so I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. Is there a jumper or setting I've missed? The LED light on my drive shield also doesn't work so I'm wondering if this is related to that.


  • @Kenneth Hicks 

    Hi dear,

    Glad to receive your message,for the questions ,pls note:

    1. Does the Raspberry Pi work?
    2. Does the 5V LED on the board light up?
    3. Please provide the power supply picture and the whole machine installation picture so that we can  solve these issues well.



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