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Not a happy person at all with my current setup from Geekworm | Geekworm

Not a happy person at all with my current setup from Geekworm

  • Before you read on i have submitted an email to Cindy in hope that something is either faulty or simply a bad manufaturing design or simply incompatible setup that is causing major issues.
    I have a real problem and since Bluetooth and WIFI only work from a maximum of 2ft from case i decided to buy a Bluetooth and WIFI dongle. The reason for this was to link up a keyboard and mouse and connect anything else i require. It seems Bluetooth and Wifi dongles do not work connected to any of the USB connections much like the in built bluetooth and wifi, hence the reason i purchased the dongles to try and fix this, which it didn't.
    So i decided to try an alternative method, which was use a 1m USB male to USB female wired connection that seems to have solved the problem if i hold it away from case, however this is not how i envisaged this setup as i was looking for a minimalistic look without the additional cost of bluetooth & wifi adapters with USB cables being used as an antenna.
    It seems no matter what USB port i use on this box, the case is interfering with both Bluetooth and WIFI signals making my setup completely useless. 
    What is causing this interference within the case regarding inbuilt bluetooth/wifi and external bluetooth/wifi???
    Because as far as i'm concerned this is not working with alternative methods. I am open to any help before i return this.
    Not only is this a major problem, other underlying issues like power off, reboot simply do not work as others have suggested. The only way i did manage to turn it off is by using George Feichters script in his post. Even so, the monetary switch to do a basic shutdown or reboot simply does not work!
    My setup = Pi4b....X829 Dual 2.5" SATA HDD/SSD Shield+X829-C1 Case+X708 UPS&Power Mgnt Board.

  • @james mutch 


    Sorry for some of the problems you encountered.


    1. About wifi and BT, We think this does have some problems. A large number of signals generated by usb 3 high-speed transmission will interfere with wifi signals, we recommend that you use the 5G band wifi, or use Ethernet, Ethernet is stable and reliable.

    2. About running script, maybe you need to check the installation process or reinstall. . We have tested the running script and there is no problem.




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