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Raspberry Pi X708 UPS Update

by Cindy Ding on December 16, 2020

The X708 UPS has no stock now, and it is still under update now.

And we are prepare to update the X708 and add the following new features, which are worth waiting for;
1. Support wide voltage 4V-14V
2. It can support charging control, for example, only charge to 80% of battery capacity;
3. Use big brand battery charging IC;
4. Remove the hardware safety shutdown ASD (ASD will bring some minor problems, and the hardware logic will become more complicated, such as waiting for a few seconds to shut down), but users can program themselves to control the software shutdown;
5. Support programming to control the fan;

And the new version of X708 may need to wait to at the beginning of the new year 2021 to come out.

If you can not wait, maybe you can choose the X728 or U100 UPS.

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